By the Whole or Half

We offer whole chickens for sale from the first day of summer through the first week of September . Whole goats and pigs are available to purchase throughout the year. Turkeys are available for Thanksgiving. We encourage you to order ahead of time. We do sell out. All pricing includes butchering, transportation and packaging.

Whole Chicken Whole Chicken Avg 4.5 - 5.5 lbs Buy 1 @ $5.00 lb Buy 10 @ $4.00 lb Buy 2-9 @ $4.50 lb kunekune Kunekune Pig - grass fed pork Half or Whole $6.50 lb (Hanging weight) Avg 150-180lbs Available all year beginning in September Kiko Goat Whole or Half Goat $8.00 lb Avg. 35 - 60 lbs

To place your order print and fill out this form then send it to the farm with a check.  If you want to pay online email the form to us and we will send you an invoice.

You will need to send us a cut sheet for goat and pig orders.  Please consult our understanding meat cuts page for more information about each cut.  Feel free to call us with any questions, we are happy to help you! The goat cut sheet is here

By The Pound

If you are interested in a particular quantity and cut of pork or goat please contact us to be sure we have it in stock. Due to USDA regulations all our meat is sealed and frozen immediately for quality and freshness.

Heritage Pork