Why a CSA? (Community Supported Agriculture)

Purchasing a CSA share (community supported agriculture) is a great investment in the local economy.  It helps us make improvements to the farm from soil to equipment.  It guarantees that your food is local not shipped or trucked for thousands of miles. A lump sum payment at the beginning of the season is convenient for you – no change to find & it saves you money!

Egg Share 

Beginning May 14, 2018 we will start our egg share.  You may purchase a whole share  – a dozen of eggs a week for 26 weeks or a half share which would be a dozen of eggs every other week beginning May 21 for 13 weeks.  Buying a share saves you 14%.

Chicken Share 

Beginning June 21, 2018 we will start our chicken share.  A share is for one whole broiler 4.5 – 5.5 lbs a week for 12 weeks or a half share which would be a chicken every other week beginning June 28 for 6 weeks.  Buying a share saves you 20%.

You can also bulk order whole chickens in quantities of 6.  We have two pick up dates; July 12th or October 4th.

To purchase either share or bulk order , print out this FORM and mail it or drop it off at the the farm with a check.  If you would prefer to pay via debit or cc please email us.