It is the eco-friendly way to clear land.

Goats unlike other herd animals  prefer to eat weeds and  thorny plants not grasses.  They even like noxious plants to us like poison ivy! They eat from the top down which means they look for new growth first.  It also means they eat the seed heads of the plant. This is important in reducing weeds.

As the goats clear land they leave behind manure.  Their manure is odorless, breaks down in a few days and has very few viable weed seeds.  There aren’t any chemicals seeping into your land, nearby rivers, streams or into your drinking water.

It may be a seemingly slower method than chemicals but in the long run it is more beneficial to you and the environment.

How It Works

 First  Schedule a time  for us to evaluate your property. We assess your land, the terrain, the plants you want to keep and those you don’t. We will use this to  give a time/cost estimate.  There are plants that are poisonous to goats so not all areas may be suitable for goatscaping.  A  contract is sent to you detailing all the parameters of the job and most importantly the start date!

One day prior to the start date we set up an electric fence around the goatscaping designated area. If there isn’t a water source we  bring water, set up a  temporary shelter and bring the goats to the property. A Naylen farm employee checks on the goats and area at least once during the day.  At the end of the day we will  house the goats  in the trailer for the night or bring them back to the farm.

Benefits of Goatscaping

More effective than herbicides   ⊗  Safe for your children, pets, soil and ground water unlike chemicals

⊗    Goats have a low environmental impact to your land. ⊗ Reduces noise pollution

 ⊗ Easily clear hillsides ⊗   Reclaimed pasture increases profitability

⊗ Removed thicket and under brush creates a firebreak  to control wildfires

 ⊗  Goat manure is a natural, odorless additive to the soil.