Kiko Goats – New Zealand Meat Goat

It is purely by coincidence that both our goats and pigs are originally from New Zealand.  We decided to raise Kiko goats for two reasons; they are great foragers and they are a high quality meat breed. We knew before starting our herd that goatscaping would be part of our focus.  All goat forage however we’ve never seen any goats strip a tree like our kiko’s do.

Goat meat may seem to some as an exotic meat.  However, goat is one of the largest consumed red meat internationally.  This is for a good reason.  Goat meat is the leanest red meat. It has fewer calories and   cholesterol than chicken or turkey.  It is high in B-12 good for healthy skin, stress and depression.  Goat meat has higher levels of iron than beef, pork, lamb or chicken. Goats have a small environmental hoofprint.

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